Talent: Marisa Kakoulas and Margot Mifflin On Tattooing

Such a great piece on Cool Hunting today!

Veteran tattoo artists that happen to be female.


I love the part about the gypsy tattoo.  That female face – why?  Don’t get me wrong, these can be beautiful.  But I’m just curious about what that actually means to the person who wants that tattoo.

Here is another great piece of history from the article:  “Jesse Knight, the first British female tattooist, who started in 1921. She learned from her dad, who tattooed the family crest on her back. She was the only female artist in the UK for decades; she ran her own shop and built her own machines. A client Knight tattooed when she was in her 60s remembers her lighting a match and holding it out to prove she still had a steady hand, and she still tattooed into the ‘80s. Happily, a lot of her flash and photos of her work survive—you can see it in the book. She was a true pioneer.”

Check out the article and the links to Powerhouse Arena regarding the panel discussion.

Interview: Marisa Kakoulas and Margot Mifflin on Tattooing in the New Millennium – Cool Hunting.

93 Year Old Tattoos Traditionally in Kalinga! And She’s Beautiful!


I love that she still does these stick and poke tattoos on people, although most of her tribe is now unmarked.  I can’t imagine how much this must hurt, but it’s so intriguing!

In Kalinga, tattoo by 93-year-old artist is skin-deep with pride and ancient traditions | Lifestyle: InterAksyon.com.

Air New Zealand To Applicant: No Visible Tattoos Allowed! Even Traditional Maori Ta Moko

This is pretty messed up.  Claire Nathan has a ta moko on her arm.  For a much better definition and description of a ta moko, click on the link above.  But suffice it to say that this is cultural marking and shouldn’t be considered your standard tattoo.  Pretty extreme discrimination for Air New Zealand in my opinion.  What do you think??


Tattoo wrangle: Air NZ ‘cutting off its nose to spite its face’ – Business – NZ Herald News.

Justin Nordine And His Gorgeous Water Color Tattoo Work!

I found this article about Justin Nordine and then did some further digging.  Glad I dug.  I LOVE his style, and if I ever get to Colorado, I’ma look him up!

Talented AND cute!

GJ artists unique tattoo style turning heads | GJSentinel.com.

And here is Justin’s site.  Truthfully – he’s really got a way with color.

Chuey Quintanar And Why I Am A Fan…


When I went to the Tattoo Convention some months back, I felt myself drawn to some of the artists whose work really captured me, and it occured to me later that a good number of these were Latino.  I have always dearly loved the work of Nikko Hurtado, and would LOVE to have work done by him at some point in my life, but I believe that there is a really strong and healthy leaning in the overall tattoo culture of greatness by serious artists who are Latino or Latina.  And I love it.  So I’m asking you to send me names of your favorite artists (clearly of any nationality – just working on a Latino bend for a new article) so I can check them out, give you props and maybe get a little electronic buzz going for them.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen much of Chuey’s work, I beg you to take the time to click the below gallery and get your fill!!!

Gallery | Chuey Quintanar.

Batavia New York Is Inking For Charity!

High Voltage Tattoo and Piercing is hosting a tattoo and piercing marathon with proceeds benefit local charities.

This year, all money raised during the two-day event will be donated with Don Carroll’s Toys for Kids and Golisano Children’s Hospital.

If you’re near Batavia, stop in and help them do good! And look at the crew! They’re so cute.

Charity tattoo and piercing event at High Voltage set for Dec. 6 and 7 | The Batavian.


My Ink Is Complete!!!

I'm so proud to wear this on my body every day for the rest of my life.

Today was the day that I got to return to Queens for the completion of my tattoo.  That’s it. I couldn’t be happier with it, and am feeling so grateful that I get to look at this every single day.

Natalia from Beaver Tattoo is a goddess.  I love her, even if she wouldn’t let me look at it until it was finished today, and that was torture!  But the effect when I got to see it all complete was well worth it, and I was glad I listened.  This one is a life changer.

Yeah, I’m definitely feeling honored, grateful and truly happy.